List Of Machinery For Single Sided & Metal Core PCB's

Printing Area

  • Fully Automatic Printing Machines
  • Semi Automatic Printing Machines
  • Manual Printing Stations
  • Semi Automatic Optical Guide Hole Drilling Machines
  • UV Curing Machines
  • IR Curing Machines

Chemical Area

  • Fully Automatic Etching & Stripping Line
  • Fully Automatic Chemical Cleaning & Scrubbing Lines

Final Finish Area

  • CNC Routing Machine 4 Spindle
  • CNC Routing Machine 2 Spindle
  • Power Presses for Punching & Different Outer Profile
  • CNC V-Grooving Machine with Jump Score
  • Fully Automatic V-Grooving Machine with Jump Score

Surface Finish Area

  • Automatic Lacquer Coating Machine
  • Hot Air Solder Leveling Machine
  • Automatic OSP Line

Final Testing & Inspection

  • High Voltage BBT Tester

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